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Trump nicknames range from A to Z, from Agent Orange to the Zodiac Biller.

My favorites include Melanoma (Melania Trump), Proxy Wife (Ivanka Trump), Aide de Kampf (Jared Kushner), Wrongway Conway (Kellyanne Conway), Koch Addict (Mitch Mc Connell), Cruella De Vile (Betsy De Vos), Paul Ruin (Paul Ryan), Detourney General (Jeff Sessions) and HUD Ornament (Ben Carson).

(#1) THE ANTICHRIST when the prophets spoke of the "Trump of Doom" and a "little horn" were they speaking literally?

(For a YUGE slew of 666 connections, see Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

Garrison Keillor, who calls Trump the "Boy President" To see how Trump fulfills Biblical prophecies, just click the hyperlink. Hotter than a kryptonite bullet and threatening to "shoot" straight to the top of our list THE MORON which makes Rex Tillerson the Secretary of Stating the Obvious!

Why did Trump endorse Roy "Score" Moore when Nostradumbass claimed he "knew" the Sludge Judge couldn't win? The irate Rexit called his boss an EFFIN' MORON after Big Rocket Man called for a "nearly tenfold" increase in the US nuclear arsenal.

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